Premium Embellishments

When your labels need those special touches to make your products really stand out amongst the rest

Premium Embellishments

Our extensive choice of embellishments includes:

Metallic Substrates

Printing directly on metallic substrates can create virtually any metallic colour you can imagine. Metallic golds, bronzes, coppers, and silvers can all be produced, and we can use white ink on those areas where you don’t want metallic finishes (such as behind barcodes or behind colours). Basically, we can create some great combinations of effects with our metallic substrates.

Hot Foil / Cold Foil / Embossing

Many effects can be created with foil and embossing.

It could be hot or cold foil – both have a similar appearance, however the substrate used and design will determine which process is chosen.

Embossing can raise the surface of an area, which can also have foil added to create a 3D effect.

Spot Varnishes

A spot varnish can be used in many ways. It can be used on its own, but we can also combine gloss and matt to create different looks. A background in matt with an image or text highlighted in gloss can raise shelf appeal dramatically.

Matt, Tactile, High Build Varnishes

Matt varnishes cover a wide spectrum from a smooth overprintable varnish to a very coarse, almost sandpaper-like, texture. We can add a combination of gloss and matt varnishes to create a differential varnish effect.

Gloss-Matt and Soft Touch Laminates 

Overlaminates can be used to protect the label and, at the same time, create a Gloss-Matt or Soft Touch finish. The print is sealed from the outside environment creating a tough, highly resistant finish.

Clear Labels

Create the ‘no label look’ using clear films. For optimal clarity, clear on clear (clear film on clear liner) film will hardly be visible on your product, looking as though the bottle itself has been directly printed!

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We do more too.

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