This is our story. How we started. How we grew. Where we are going.

Find out more about Hine labels – where we have come from, where we are going. Hine started as and still is a family business, and since that time we have grown considerably. Find out more below about our family, our values and our expertise.

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Forty years and three generations

Existing for over forty years gives us the experience to confidently call ourselves experts

We're a big family

We are still a big family

A family run company which to this day retains the original values of caring about our business, caring about our customers, and caring about our employees, whilst at the same time being progressive, innovative and thoroughly professional. Hine have become known throughout the label manufacturing industry for:

  • The quality of our products
  • Our excellent customer service
  • Our reliability
  • Our expertise
  • Our innovation
Digital Printing

We are the experts

Why do we call ourselves the experts? Meet our Team and you will see why. Each of our Management Team members has been with the company for almost 30 years.

This gives us a great deal of experience in label making. When we say we are label experts, this is why.  Our customers can trust in us and our products.

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We are always innovating

We have developed new methods enabling us to enter new markets.

Meet the team

Technical expertise combined with a friendly attitude makes us very easy to work with.

Bill Hine

William Hine


Anita Hine

Managing Director

Julie Kelly

Operations Manager
Kelly Mullett

Kelly Mullett

Customer Service Manager

Rob Lucas

Marketing Manager

Rob Sippel

Quality & Data Manager

Lindsay Simpson

People Manager

Our fantastic supervisors

Where would we be without our amazing and dedicated supervisors keeping us all on the straight and narrow?

Mani Ducoing

Prepress Supervisor

Chris Shiel

Print Production Supervisor

Mark Taylor

Finishing & Dispatch Supervisor

How we got here

Since 1980 we have been innovating in the label printing industry. This is how we got here.


Hine Labels began life in a back room at the Old Rectory in Whiston, Rotherham, where the Hine family lived. Peter Hine retired from his engineering career, and bought a Hot Foil printing machine from his employer. The idea was that he’d supply his old employer with labels. Quickly, Peter gained a reputation locally as a talented label-maker. Things grew from there.


Peter found that he needed help, which came in the form of his mother-in-law.  So, at the age of 74, Beatie Marshall starts her new career in label-making.  Between them, Peter and Beatie would run the press, collect supplies, fetch plates from a local plate maker, and then deliver the finished labels.

In another era, she would have been recognised as a successful businesswoman in her own right. Inspirationally, Beatie eventually retired at the age of 100 after 26 years in the business. Her legacy of family values, combined with incredible efficiency, still underpins the company today.


The family was still running Rotherham Saddlery (established by Beatie and Zena Hine) one of the best known suppliers of horse riding equipment across the region. Bill Hine was the insitu Master Saddler, having trained at the London College of Saddlers. However, he found himself helping more and more with the label printing. Labelling got so busy that the family ended up selling Rotherham Saddlery to concentrate on Hine Labels. Bill, a natural engineer, found a fascination for the press machines which has stayed with him ever since.


The business quickly outgrew the family home and moved to Westgate in the middle of Rotherham, where Bill and Peter proved to be the Technical experts, while Beatie did the organising.


A computer arrives. The only person with time is Zena Hine, who after years of hard work at the saddlery, was hoping to become a lady of leisure. It is realised that Zena has a natural flair for technology. She learned computing and turned her hand to managing the accounts – later becoming a director of the company; a position she holds to this day.


Having bought five more hot foil machines, the family found that they needed to move premises again. We bought a factory on Fitzwilliam Road.


More help is needed. In comes Bob and John to help in production, and Sheryl and Ryan in the offices.


It quickly became apparent that there was a need for higher speed production, which came in the way of an Edale 250 stack press. The early days of flexo production used water based ink systems but, within two years, Flexo using UV inks was the new technology. This solved a lot of issues and raised the quality bar much higher. By now we had outgrown our premises and moved again, this time to Hope Street on the edge of the town.


We progressed, now owning five UV Flexo presses producing Labels, Tags, Tickets, Luggage Tags, and many more other products.


We now need an office supervisor, and a finishing and despatch supervisor. In come Dawn and Trevor.


As we grow, more people are needed in all areas of the business. In come Dave, Mac, Richard, Sid, Chris, Kelly, and Paul. Another Director, Ken, is appointed who stayed with the business for 20 years.


Anita joins the company to look after HR, Quality, and Health & Safety. Having completed an MBA in the late 90’s, Anita was able to help in the management of the company as it continued to grow.

Recently Anita was appointed Managing Director, enabling Bill to concentrate on special projects and technical developments in his role as CEO.


We become one of the first adopters of digital printing technology in the UK with the introduction of a Xeikon press.


We introduced full-colour management to keep our digital ink colours matching our flexo ink colours meaning, no matter our printing method, your brand colours will be consistent.


We introduced our first Digital UV Ink Jet press.


We achieved BRC Global Standards for Packaging


We introduced two more Digital UV presses.


We are approached to develop a more environmentally-friendly version of flexible packaging. Printing on our low migration Screen Inkjet digital press, we start to research and develop a ground-breaking finishing machine to fulfil this vision.


The world closes down during the Covid-19 pandemic. But for us, it is a time of evolution. With a new factory extension already underway, a new brand identity, and an online ordering system coming to fruition, we look forward to an exciting future.